Bedded, Blessed and Bared



Plump and pretty, crowned surprise:

beautiful buttons, delightfully arise,

gravity and grace, bodies slightly battered,

tired limbs entangled, hearts somewhat tattered.


Fumbling blind in hinge-cracked thighs,

slow foraging fingers, sleep-sensual eyes;

purse unclasped, pressed pussy-willow tip:

rhythmic spasms whip pale shapely hips.


Male warm wonder shows little indecision,

bared bishop-head, piston-like its precision,

sunken to hilt, sword sinks to inner core,

ecstatic neurons sing, tendons slightly sore.


Silent bodies bump, deep in understanding:

mutual submission, romantic *commanding;

covenanted couple, deep buried roots:

bedded and bared, blessed erotic fruit.



* Sexual drives are strong, but marriage is strong enough to contain them, and to provide for a balanced and fulfilling sexual life, in a world of sexual disorder. The marriage bed must be a place of mutuality—the husband seeking to satisfy his wife, the wife seeking to satisfy her husband…1 Corinthians 7: 2 & 3

Illustration: “The Song of Songs” – a woodcut by Eric Gill, 1925

Down high hedgerow lanes

Douglas Percy Bliss


Take me down high hedgerow lanes

when happy summer sun is high,

past the somnolent old houses

as hallowed haze blurs the sky.


I will walk with stick on shoulder,

my skulking collie leads the way,

birdsong embroiders fertile foliage,

wild mammals tenuously stray.


Few cars colonise this rural scene,

noble trees wear leafy crowns,

I walk to pass the time of day,

I’m long since retired from town.


One day I hope to hold a hand

much smaller than my own,

seesaw sized, we’ll amble slow,

God says: not good to be alone.


Many quaint questions asked,

amusing toddler, serious sage,

keenly detected family traits,

annotated those poetic pages.


happy days for rescue dog!

photos by Dora Kazmierak


Tennis-ball dropped quite near feet,

then hidden behind tree he waits,

tick-tock tail-wag, smile so sweet

  • who taught such charming traits?


Paw-worn path around tree base,

forays remind, needed assistance,

– ball throw triggers manic race

speed pursued, terrier persistence.


Orb ballistic, racquet propelled

down the long garden at speed,

bounce area athletically smelled,

lock-jaw clenched ball retrieved.


Hard-chased any object thrown,

helter-skelter, pursuit crazy,

target-locked, predator-prone,

hotly pursued, Jack never lazy.


Slightly stiff this pup-at-heart,

dog-centric much domestic dialogue,

sparse canine time spent apart

  • happy days for rescue dog!


Vain the Wait for Further Happenstance

I had been trying for many years to write a poem about the boarding school girlfriend, who started me off writing, in 1972. One day in 1980 she turned up, out of the blue….for just a few hours. I never heard from or saw her ever again…until someone kind found her online for me in recent years.


Lips long un-kissed, passion hidden by hair,

I long-rued my troubled muse: late this care;

unassuaged guilt, how far can this sinner fall?

Predestined, I caught your unexpected call.


Boarding school friends, we agree to meet:

your mini skirt admired on that city street;

mementos devoured in a dimly lit cafe,

significant time spent – much to ask and say.


Amsterdam to Dublin for your anguish-event:

your father’s failed life edited, too-soon spent;

we squeezed extra time, parted at midnight,

both bit back tears, hugs lingered tight.


Decades later discovered online, smiling,

naieve my note sent, hoped-for reconciling;

too long your silence, I yearn a second chance –

vain the wait for further happenstance…