I had been trying for many years to write a poem about the boarding school girlfriend, who started me off writing, in 1972. One day in 1980 she turned up, out of the blue….for just a few hours. I never heard from or saw her ever again…until someone kind found her online for me in recent years.


Lips long un-kissed, once-curtained by hair,

long-rued troubled muse, late my care;

unassuaged guilt, how far can a sinner fall?

Predestined, I caught your  phone call?


Old school friends, we readily agree to meet:

your mini skirt admired on that city street;

many mementos devoured in a dimly lit cafe,

time significant spent – much to ask and say.


Amsterdam to Dublin, an anguish-event:

your father’s life edited, too-soon spent;

squeezing extra time, parted at midnight,

bit back tears, our hugs lingered tight.


Decades later rediscovered: online, smiling,

my naieve card hoped repeat reconciling;

long your silence, I still yearn second chance –

vain the patient wait for second happenstance?


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