happy days for rescue dog!

photos by Dora Kazmierak http://www.instagram.com/dorakazmierak/


Tennis-ball dropped quite near feet,

then hidden behind tree he waits,

tick-tock tail-wag, smile so sweet

  • who taught such charming traits?


Paw-worn path around tree base,

forays remind, needed assistance,

– ball throw triggers manic race

speed pursued, terrier persistence.


Orb ballistic, racquet propelled

down the long garden at speed,

bounce area athletically smelled,

lock-jaw clenched ball retrieved.


Hard-chased any object thrown,

helter-skelter, pursuit crazy,

target-locked, predator-prone,

hotly pursued, Jack never lazy.


Slightly stiff this pup-at-heart,

dog-centric much domestic dialogue,

sparse canine time spent apart

  • happy days for rescue dog!



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