Louis & Jack

I have long dreamt about celebrating our rescue dog, Jack-the-Lad. I hit on the idea of trying to capture his character, via “a day in the life” type of approach. When I met photographer Dora Kazmierak, I knew that I had the answer. She has well-curated many aspects of this adorable canine companion…

photos by https://www.instagram.com/dorakazmierak/

Jack WEB. 1jpgJack WEB2Jack WEB3Jack WEB4Jack WEB5Jack WEB6Jack WEB7


10 thoughts on “Louis & Jack

  1. My pleasure! There is something so fundamentally pure about the love we share with our puppies (I call all dogs “puppies”as it seems to me so much more intimate
    a word than the impersonal, perhaps abrupt, one syllable “dog”) – I never tire of reading another love story of finding and belonging. Discovering your and Jack’s story, deepened with your poetry and accompanying photographs, was indeed a delightful bit of serendipity! Looking forward to reading much more of your work and following your and Jack’s journey from afar… JK

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    • Dear Louis:

      I wish I could tell you how I came across your blog(?) – It was days ago and I can’t seem to reconstruct the circumstances surrounding my discovery!
      Might have been linked in some way to the NYTimes or The New Yorker or any of the several non-profits connected with animal welfare and preservation,
      fighting their abuse etc.. Any chance it might be connected to a link from HSUS, ASPCA, etc.? Hope you and Jack are keeping warm and safe in this
      extremely cold and potentially dangerous weather… Best, JK and Tov Two

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      • Louis:

        Sounds and looks absolutely fabulous – you’re a lucky man! Have a peaceful and inspired time in uninterrupted contemplation. My writing always benefits enormously from the solitude being in the country offers me in unique northwestern Connecticut rather than in the hubbub of Manhattan. As a New Yorker I admit to loving our city, but increasingly spend more time in the country and relish every moment.

        You’re probably right about my finding you in the NYTimes – great source of many things worthwhile and otherwise undiscovered…

        More as soon as can… JK


  2. Saw your comment in the NYT, what a lovely homage you’ve made here to Jack the Lad. We have a ten-years-rescued mutt ourselves, she’s the best dog we’ve ever had. Thank you for sharing your sweet story.

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