Boarding School Summer Scenes

Photos: Dora Kazmierak


aDOR_1784 copy


‘On The Boards’ blared from boarding school dorms,

rock songs sound tracked sunny days in second form:

Rory’s hoarse voice strained, strum scarred Strat blues,

unpretentious: faded denim, plaid shirt –  fully paid dues.

NSW tennis courts copy


Tennis racquets swung, balls bounced-off taut strings:

mini-skirted girls giggles made lonely hearts pine and sing;

strong, slim athletic limbs ran, white runners and short socks,

temptation tugged by tight t-shirts and ear tucked blond locks.

Library stairs copy


Later that Saturday, up Arts Block stairs happily ascended

to assembled authors and artists in library books; I pretended

to understand Surrealist painters deep spiritual despair:

that wood-panelled musty space became my place of prayer.