Hidden hopes among the dusty shelves

photos: Dora Kazmierak www.instagram.com/dorakazmierak/



Rows of books, somewhat regimented

pages permeate the air, sweetly scented;

authors are sinners, authors are saints:

some show caution, others little restraint.

DSC_3300 2

Bookmarking tickets, postcards, old stamps,

some books pristine, others foxed-damp,

texts underlined, or margin annotated,

autodidacts pencilled points firmly stated.


Books recapture our much-missed youth,

new languages are learned, differing truths,

historians challenged by narrative witness:

Shaw queries Chesterton’s physical fitness.


Authors aim to bless hearts and brains:

let neglected voices speak again,

we biblio-browse and diligently delve 

for hidden hopes among the dusty shelves…


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