Haul Shipwrecked Sailors into Advent ark

2018-12-21 08.21.17 2.jpg

Decorations dangle on trees,

chosen presents hope to please,

foreclosed families will surely freeze.


Nativity stories re-told in bathrobes,

guardian angels pace and probe,

stars compete with service strobes.


In city streets raucous choirs sing,

candled dreams, church bells ring

– will hard hearts crack to let Him in?


Will there be hope beyond kindly glow?

Will there be slow-mo cinematic snow?

Will any sweet chariot swing down low?


Deeply loved: divine-lit our dark,

scorch our lives with sacred mark:

haul shipwrecked sailors into advent ark.

Let’s Cut to Chase

photos: Dora Kazmierak

Lou hatch

Let’s cut to chase

Let’s hug and kiss the human race

Let’s put some smiles on every face.


Let’s not tweet in upper case

Let’s all repent, get back to base,

Let’s be blind to creed and race.


Let truth be what we try to trace

Let lies get smacked across the face

Let haters get to know God’s grace.


Let’s conserve and not just waste

Let’s dream big, let’s touch and taste,

Let’s celebrate but let’s be chaste.


Let’s esteem, let’s showcase,

Let’s fight friends corners, make haste

to praise good people to their face.


Let all dangers be far displaced

Let all hurts be tight embraced

Let thirst for justice be fully slaked.