friends are all for give and take

photos: Dora Kazmierak (Louis’ 60th birthday party, 2017)

david : lena

“….it’s worth identifying who among the many people you encounter in your life are truly friends. Who makes time for you? Whose company enlivens, enriches and maybe even humbles you? Whom would you miss? Who would miss you? … what friendships have in common is that they shape us and create other dimensions through which to see the world…”

– Kate Murphy,from article: Do Your Friends Actually Like You?



friends are all for give and take

friends build up, friends don’t break,

friends readily grieve our aches.


friends respond to texts and emails,

friends stand by when all else fails,

friends keep secrets, friends don’t tell tales.


friendship grows through thick and thin,

friends forgive our stupidity and sin,

friends always want a wondrous win.


friends readily kill the fatted calf,

friends don’t ever do things by half,

friendship is an ever-giving carafe.


friends remember important dates,

friends arrive early, they’re never late,

friendship shows many tolerant traits.


friends are never intentionally stoney

friends love you best when lost and lonely:

friends are humane – only God is holy…

before the party