Why am I hated by Hindu high caste?

Screenshot 2019-05-28 at 06.42.22 (3)

Why am I hated by Hindu high caste?

Why throat choked, sharp blade-slashed?

Why my skull summarily smashed?


Why the invective, why the insult?

Sectarian sentences from Vedic cult:

sadistic smirks, tragic end result…


Lynchings, rapes, and acid attacks,

hear hyena howl, murderous pack –

bullied untouchables daren’t fight back.


I’m Brahma-damned Dalit,

my sandals sink in putrid pits,

I  purify streets of “high status” shit.


Garland Modi with fragrant flowers,

encourage Aryan political powers,

hunt low caste – then cleanse in showers…


Many Dalit deaths: justice long-denied,

Jesus also despised, flayed, crucified;

but on white horses the righteous will ride.



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