first kisses (at co-ed boarding school)

  • 1526_56bdafe36459c6.77696109-big

    first form, co-ed boarding school,
    untested, apartheid gender rules –
    in boys’ common room time spent,
    shy eyes passed, O heaven-sent!
    emotion-injected, glad to be alive.
    spine-shivering songs, Jackson Five.

    totally naieve, this first form boy,
    subtle clues missed, giggle-girl ploy,
    finally, secret word got through:
    that second form girl fancies you!
    such a sweet, dark eyed doe
    distant dark sheds beckoned so.

    well hidden, one evening illicit
    lying on cushions kindly complicit;
    adolescent electricity shock sparked
    pubescent passion in cobwebbed dark,
    my enthusiastic gaze so blinding
    kisses but no finger button finding.

    Ecstatic I coyly cuddled Carol
    (reader, this romance will unravel)
    stupid sweet nothings shyly uttered,
    emotional anarchy, vowels cluttered;
    sweaty palms gripped by your gloves
    – damn Donny Osmond and Puppy Love!

    too late! no teacher’s torch spotted
    our tangle, Carol no longer besotted,
    farewell, sweet second form senior girl;
    au revoir, sweet heart-crushing dark curls
    – why hadn’t this boy bitten his lip?
    damning her response: “Louis, you drip!”




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